Five Tips on How to Dress for Your Baby Shower

Baby showers are always an exciting time, especially for new moms. Besides celebrating your pregnancy with your nearest and dearest, another great thing to look forward to is the chance to show off your baby bump in the most body-flattering way. Your choice of a maternity dress for photography or maternity gowns should probably be based on the shower’s overall theme, but it’s also important to wear what you like. You can never go wrong with these top tips for choosing a good baby shower dress:

  1. First and foremost, dress for your own comfort. Never compromise your comfort (and your baby’s safety) just to look good. There are plenty of pregnancy dresses online that are fashionable and are designed to ensure your comfort and safety while providing the best support for your ever-growing bump.
  2. Embrace your pregnancy curves and show off that bump! This is actually what maternity fashion is about. Choose a maternity dress for photography that is designed to enhance your baby bump and showcase your pregnancy curves in the best possible way.
  3. Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Extra layers of clothing will only weigh you down and make you feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Adding light accessories to dress up your outfit is a great way to enhance your look without getting weighed down by more fabric.
  4. If it’s a casual get-together, it is easier to get away with lightweight maternity gowns that can help you stay cool and look stylish at the same time. Maxi dresses in light materials are great choices for more casual showers. However, if it’s a much dressier occasion, you can always go for a fitted dress that hugs the body in all the right places and shows off your bump.
  5. Safety first. Choose flat shoes over high heels and trip, slip, and fall-prone footwear. Regardless how well you can handle yourself in heels, it is still best to practice caution, especially when you are in your final trimester (which is when most showers are typically held). Best stick with flat shoes that will not only bring you comfort as you carry several pounds of baby weight in your belly, but also help you prevent potential accidents from high heeled shoes.

Dressing your bump up for your baby shower is all a matter of what kind of clothing you feel the most comfortable and beautiful in. choose clothing styles that make you feel great about yourself and allow you to flaunt your baby bump.